– 2016 Kimber-Coates Gallery

The gallery archives for the Kimber-Coates Competition

  • The Kimber-Coates competition are set-subject themed competitions that alternate between digital and print for various themes.
  • Each competition evening uses one theme from the first set and one from the second set – normally starting with print and then digital
  • Only new work can be submitted
  • All commended and Highly Commended Work are offered a place in the gallery.

2016 themes are:

  • Monochrome Prints (April 2016)
  • Digital Photo Travel  (April 2016)
  • Landscape Prints (July 2016)
  • Digital Action (July 2016)
  • Nature Prints (October 2016)
  • Digital Architecture (October 2016)

If you required further guidelines on the theme please contact the print or digital officer for the club – details in the members section.

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