Southampton International Exhibition Chairman’s Award.

The History behind its creation.

Ian Hutchinson

At a SIE committee meeting in the Summer of 2012 Glyn Edmunds (the then Chair of the International) pointed out that 2013 would be the centenary year for the SIE and it would be nice to have a special award the commemorate the event. Glyn knowing that I am a Cabinet Maker asked if it would be possible to do something in wood, as is usual with me I said leave it with me. So it is the design was developed and incorporates one of the SIE medals and a plaque with an inscription. I have made these awards every year since then. 6 of the Centenary Awards where given to images chosen by Glyn that first year, 1 from each class.

The recipients of those first awards were so impressed and following the magnificent feed back the committee decided that we should continue with the awards but of course the name would have to change, at this point we chose the name Chairman’s Award due to basically that is what they are.

There has only been 24 handed out to date and as Glyn pointed out the other day, they are collectors items. There is only one way to get your hands on one, that is by entering the Southampton International and then being lucky enough for Sue Sibley the current Chair to select one of your images.

2017 Chairman’s Award