Membership Fees

Membership Information:

We welcome new members all year round*, although all club members are asked to renew their membership by the 1st January each year before the start of the new club programme.

Subscription fees 2016

Contact the membership secretary for an application form [ email club membership secretary] or download the SCC Membership form

  • Full Single Annual membership – £65
  • Couples – £117 per couple
  • Over 60s – £58.50
  • Full Time Students – £58.50
  • Under 18s – £58.50

*If you become a member part way through the year, the club offer a discount of: –
25% – there’s a reduction in membership fee at the end of each quarter

Refreshments per evening: – 50p

Visitors per evening: – £3 Entry fee is per evening for non-members but up to 3 payments will be refunded should you decide to join the club

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