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Southampton Camera Club

Southampton Camera Club (SCC) was founded in 1896 and is regarded as one of Southern England's foremost photographic clubs. We have a full programme of activities throughout the entire year.

Realistically we don't anticipate meeting again face to face until the later this year. Our programme of activities will continue each week however via virtual meetings. Please see our activities calendar. (Events Diary)

We continue to encourage visitors and invite you to contact the secretary should you wish to attend any of our online meetings. There will be a nominal charge (£4) for any ZOOM evening . Contact:

Monday 1st February

An introduction to Sports and Music Photography

A ZOOM presentation by Michael Berkley : 7:45pm - 10pm (approx)

Music and Sports Photography 1st February 2021 - 7:45pm

"I may not be the greatest music or sport photographer, but I can say that I have taken a lot of photographs – certainly well over 50,000 a year. I keep about 5% of those – on the basis that the other 95% are not worth keeping. That is a lot of discarded images and I always reckon that you learn a lot more from your mistakes than from ‘perfect’ pictures."

Visitors Welcome £4 Please email for joining instructions.

< image courtesy Michael Berkley

Monday 15th February

Wild Britain

A ZOOM presentation by Colin Westgate : 7:45pm - 10pm (approx)

'Wild Britain' 15th February 2021 - 7:45pm

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We are very fortunate to live in the UK, as the landscapes in this country are extremely varied and include some of the finest in the world. Also, being a relatively small island, no great distances are involved to reach them. Colin has photographed in most parts of this island and his talk will cover landscapes from the south coast of England to the far north of Scotland including the islands of Skye and the Hebrides. He likes to photograph very early in the morning, particularly in autumn and winter, when the light is often at its best and he is not put off by vagaries of the British weather - some of his best images have been taken in extreme conditions and he will often say "bad weather makes powerful pictures"!

Visitors Welcome £4 Please email for joining instructions.

< image courtesy Colin Westgate

Our 4th Digital Competition 11th January 2021

Judge: Mark Langen

Primary (scores 9 and above - (S) = Seal)

Puppy Diesel
Score 10 (S)

Author: Chris Smith

All Sparks
Score 10 (S)

Author: Chris Smith

Shelter at South Park Parade Pier
Score 9

Author: Peter Yalden

Intermediate (score 9 and above)

Hungry Raptor
Score 10 (S)

Author: Colin Leach

Lady in Red
Score 9

Author: Paul Harhen

Advanced (score 10 and / or (S)

Death Valley
Score 10 (S)

Author: Barbara Beauchamp

Egret taking off

Score 10 (S)

Author: Henry Szwinto

Norfolk Lighthouse
Score 9 (S)

Author: Claire Joyner

Three Heads
Score 9.5 (S)

Author: Roger Creber

Tide Racer on Rough Seas
Score 9.5 (S)

Author: Zoltan Balogh

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