Internal Competitions - Accumulated Results

A quick look through our events calendar and you will see several internal competitions marked. These comprise of either print competitions or projected digital images (PDI) competitions. All the competitions are judged by an impartial judge (not a club member). Judges provide feedback to the authors (anonymously) and award a score. In some cases where the image is also deemed exceptional then a 'seal' is also awarded. Accumulated results are monitored for end of year scores in each of the three classes.

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Competition results for 2018

Please note that we're due to update the seals counts for the Advanced class shortly. I haven't got an up to date record of seal winners for the last print competition yet so only allocated the seals to the 10s as I remember that all of them got seals.. I hope you appreciate that I shared the scores early as they should already prove useful to some members, despite the delay in adding up the seals.

2018 SCC Running totals_mod_july_sorted.xls

If you prefer to view the above scores on your computer then you can download the spreadsheet as a PDF . You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files.

Competition results for 2017

Competition results 2017