Club History

Southampton Camera Club History

This page is very much a work in progress and may be updated as new documents and memories come to the surface. The information provided here is a personal archive from past member Tony Cook (RIP).


Before investigating the more intimate details of the Southampton Camera Club, it might interest to members to learn a little of the background which has led to the foundation of the hobby of photography, and indeed to the existence of clubs and societies as we know them today.

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Club Programme by Ursula Jeffree 1986

Since it was founded in 1896 Southampton Camera Club has met regularly. Throughout most of its life, every Monday evening has been club night, with some extra meetings on other evenings and at weekends.

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by Ursula Jeffree, 1986

"In the Jubilee Book produced for Southampton Camera Club’s silver jubilee in 1946 Willie Kay wrote of our exhibition:

“The first open Club Exhibition was held in 190l, and for several years Southampton joined with Southsea and Hove Societies in holding a triangle of linked shows which set a high example and, in Southampton, have been succesfully followed in a series that now totals 33."...

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The Mansfield Archives 2001

This section is provided and from meta data on the files can be determined is from 2001

For many years Jim Mansfield has kept an archive of members’ work in the form of 35mm slide copies. This really follows on from the collection we made in the mid ‘80s for the paper version of the Story of Southampton Camera Club, and so we have kept it separate except for some presidents. This is an informal collection, we have not included any biographical notes, etc.

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Past Presidents

This section is provided and from meta data on the files can be determined is from 2001

This section is far from complete and should you wish to contribute with updates them please contact our webmaster. Some individual image content dates back to images taken as early as 1966

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Past Members

There are some pictures from all the members shown. Where a longer biography is included, we have also given a direct link to the pictures which follow.

Allnatt, Charles Pictures

Bremble, Gordon

Bulpett, Arthur Picture

Burr, Douglas & Dorothy

Callaway, Stan

Coats, Harry

Cooper, Steve

Freeth, Mike

Freeth, Peter

Fry, Len

Haskell, Laurie

Hastie, Philip & Sheila

Holdaway, Den

Jeffree, Ursula & Paul Pictures

Johnson, Claude

Lambeth, Charles

Leith, Laurie & Ronnie

Lomer, EC

Penney, EA

Philpott, John Pictures

Preston, Leigh Pictures

Roberts, John Michael

Scott, Nick

Smith, Leslie Batchelor

Webb, Norman

Williams, Trevor Pictures

Willstead, Vince

Woodland, Dennis

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